julie christensen & stone cupid


Making this entry on my phone, just outside Chicago after sleeping most of the night on the train they call the"City of New Orleans". Played 4 showcase sets solo, and that's a big deal, keeping in mind that I came to Folk Alliance in 2008 with only one accompanied showcase and then playing my one chop on autoharp,a Dylan song called John Brown at an open Dylan tribute. We're almost to Chicago where I will see my brother John and play a gig with Radoslav at the Elbo Room Tuesday night. He played with me on my official showcase and so did my Memphis host Robert Maché. I met the Burns Sisters, talked to Jim Lauderdale about how excited we are that I've recorded his song on my record, and ran into all sorts of friends including director of "Troubadour Blues" Tom Weber, Dan Navarro, Greg Johnson and the amazing John Fullbright, FA president Renee Bodie whose fine Saturday night lineup I'm proud to have been part of.

I also met lots of new pals, including at great Ebet Roberts and Jan, Lahna Deering and the Rev. Neil Down, all sorts of fine Canadians including Danielle French, and Amelia White! 

I wish I'd slept more on this train, but oh well! 

Here's a pic Annie Burns took of Rad and me listening to the hard country being played in the Wine and but Room late Saturday night:Radoslav Lorkovic, Julie Christensen