julie christensen & stone cupid


So much to be grateful for, in spite of the economic and political landscape (don't get me started!) Let me count the positive stuff: 

My new album, Weeds Like Us, is nearly finished and we're looking at a February 21 release date thanks to the generosity of my friends and fans, and kickstarter.com This is a good one

Our son is home from college. He's a film student, and passionate about it. It's great to have his energy around.

My husband is working a bit more now; it's been a raw, ragged few years, but we've carried on.

Our humble home is in a beautiful spot, and I'm grateful to have a roof over my head.

I was selected as an Official Showcase Artist at the International Folk and Dance Alliance Conference in Memphis February 22-26, 2012.

And I'm grateful that you are reading this, and that you care and listen to my music. It means the world to me.

Have a happy, healthy, and proactive New Year.