julie christensen & stone cupid


And a new look to our site. Enjoy, and please come visit often.

It's a beautiful day here in Southern California, and I'm grateful for the many great hearts and talents and small treasures in my life.

Thank you for listening to my music. I'm busy making more!


2010-02-12 12:40:51 - ivan byanov
Please don't stop making more, dear Julie! I discovered you only a couple of months ago through posted videos of your gigs in 1988 and 1993. That's waaaay back, you might say but believe me, your inspired and passionate performance alongside Leonard Cohen and Perla Batalla in Take This Waltz brought a whole new meaning to my concept of music coupled with the highest of poetry. And now that I heard your new stuff, I must say, give us more! Love, Ivan from Bulgaria (it doesn't matter where that is :))