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In mid-August through September, I'll be going into the studio again to record this album of songs of mine, and some by friends who are great songwriters. We've talked to the engineer and  are preparing to book time at the studios. We've done pre-production, arriving at the group of songs we'll record, and a good idea of the instrumentation for each one, casting the great musicians we know between my producer and me to come play on it. We'll come out with at least a limited CD run on Household Ink Records, wide download distribution, and possibly even vinyl if we exceed our goal.

I shared the unfunded embryo of this project at Kickstarter last year. We were halfway there, and I see now that my deadline date was ill-timed due to simultaneous travel to Europe for another project, and I wasn't able to keep you updated and put enough energy into the campaign.

Later last summer, my producer and friend Kenny Edwards passed away-- and I miss him an awful lot. A lot of people do.

I've found another producer to help me tackle the project again: my friend Jeff Turmes, singer-songwriter and also bassist for Mavis Staples. The songs have changed, and we're very excited about this group of songs. Can't wait to share them with you. 

You can read more about me on my bio page and website (I have 4 other albums out on iTunes, I toured singing with Leonard Cohen, among other exploits, and I'm lucky to know lots of great musicians who can help turn this project world-class.) I plan to tour California this winter, and the midwest next spring. I really appreciate your help on this. I'll do right by ya.

I still have socked away the money donated for the project directly to my site, so that's why I'm able to keep this fundraiser lower than it really does cost to record the album, make it available widely for download, and manufacture some CDs. If we raise more than the initial $7500, we can actually make a vinyl pressing of the album, and have more money for promotion to radio, satellite and web outlets. AND I'll put up some more rewards for those of you who make that happen. Stay tuned. 

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The pitch video was shot and edited by our son, Magnus Jackson Diehl.