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Julie sang with Leonard Cohen on two world tours and records. In the mid-aughts, she was part of a great series of Cohen tribute concerts -- and part of a DVD documentary on him called "Leonard Cohen-I'm Your Man" on Lion's Gate--with Rufus Wainwright, Martha Wainwright, Nick Cave, Beth Orton, Linda Thompson, and others. Available on DVD.
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Longstanding Leonard Cohen Fan Site--Thanks Jarkko!
the legendary mike watt
from the minutemen and fIREHOSE, to dos, the secondmen, and the boundless energy of a man with a reprieve...
Amy Schneider

My amazingly talented friend who does most of my graphic art.  She does a lot of it for others, too, and is a wonderful mixed media fine artist. Enjoy her beautiful site.

A blogger about my old band, Divine Horsemen. Thanks, Jay!

My lovely husband

John Diehl at imdb.com

My talented husband John Diehl's illustrious oeuvre
Land of Plenty
Click on the pictures to see better shots of John as Paul, the forgotten VietNam vet who's vision goes from black-and-white to color during the course of this thoughtful film. Also stars Michelle Williams.
John's Fan Site, Created by Alexandra Lanoix in Corsica!