julie christensen & stone cupid

Love is driving (sc001)

Love Is Driving

Julie Christensen
copyright 1991 Julie Christensen


When I lived in Silver Lake, I used to like to escape L.A. when I had no appointments by driving up the Angeles Crest Highway. Day would become evening and the drive made me forget how trapped I felt in the city. I wrote a poem about it in the eighties, and when a fella I liked to "park" with got a late fifties- vintage pickup one day, I thought a little strong about parking with him again, I guess! It became a song instead of a relationship, if ya get my drift. I finished the song and thought whew, sexy. But hey, WHO'S DRIVING? And, of course metaphysically...Love is ALWAYS driving!


LOVE IS DRIVING (1991 Julie Christensen) In the bed of your old pickup It smells like rain in the mountains Draw the clouds on my eyes Kiss me, quick Paint my face like the evening skies Take me down and follow me up high In the bed of your old pickup Closer to the stars in the mountains I'll hum the blues in your ears Kiss me, quick We'll take the road slow 'til we're in the clear We're gonna ride and love is gonna steer In the bed of your old pickup. I'll be riding up the mountain with my hair flying Hold my hand up in the air to feel the wind Turn down your radio and sing to me of the road And the road can be the rhythm And the road will be the rhythm And the road will be the rhythm In the bed of your old pickup It's late at night in the mountains Oh, lay down with me. Take a moon bath and feel like falling I do not hear the city calling In the bed of your old pickup Love is driving.