julie christensen & stone cupid


It's called "Where the Fireworks Are". The scientists at NASA and JPL were jumping up and down last night. The said that the TNT they sent 83 million miles away in January to a comet half the size of Manhattan hit its target so they could find out what the comet was made of. "Its like a bullet hitting another bullet in mid-trajectory, while another bullet goes by and gets some pictures of that impact." That takes a lot of friggin' creative mathematics, people! Wow. It's how I feel about the creative process. It's like a meteor shower. Now they're coming, better watch! Better take notes, better make notes! Well hopefully, we caught some, up there at the Tompound, and back in Brooklyn last summer. Been a long process, and hopefully worth the wait. My friend Janine wrote me today so beautifully about a tragic runaway horse. I hope in this time of stress for all of us, we are reminded to be attentive and mindful and to take great care and joy in small things. The ordinary can be momentous, after all. Remember to breathe. Love is driving. xo