Stone Cupid and hither and yon

We had our first full-band Stone Cupid gig since November, on Record Store Day at Atomic Books and Records, albeit without Sergio, who was in Idaho. I plied my rhythm guitar chop and we prevailed! Bones has been back on the road with Midnight Oil since November, but we have been joyously benefitting from the incredible bass capabilities of Dylan Rowe! 

Mostly, it's been me, Julie, solo or with Sergio and or Chris, on WMOT, or ACME Radio, or WXNA-FM, or at Room 62 Salon, or SERFA, or The 5-Spot, or whatnot. Which will be how we'll navigate the 5-Spot coming up, and Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge--both in early June. 

Another side project I've got going is Broken Thrones, brain child of drummer Lynn Greer. We started by reimagining Leonard Cohen songs as theatrical punk a la Marianne Faithfull or Nick Cave, and moved on to some original stuff, including a Divine Horsemen cover. Our bandmates are Megan Palmer on violin and vocals, Mark Robertson on bass, and Jay Lawrence on electric guitar. We play a full set Tuesday May 30 at The Family Wash. 

Sergio, Chris, and I will go to Knoxville June 28th to be on WDVX for the Blue Plate Special and play at Sweet P's BBQ and Soul House.

I've been writing, so I think an album may be in the works. That's the news! 

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