Stone Cupid Pre-Orders are LIVE!

PledgeMusic Pre-Orders are UP and RUNNING!

A couple months ago I posted to tell you how excited I am that my current roots-rock and soul band, now called Stone Cupid, has been in the studio this spring. We've mixed our new album! It goes to the Little Red Book Mastering Lab on May 20th. The artwork is nearly completed (with an image at which I had a sneak peek this morning, created by the divine Julie Sola) as well, so we can manufacture (I'm hoping  at least some vinyl if we surpass our pre-order goals by enough) around the end of June, and start promoting it for a release in October. 

I've just launched a PledgeMusic pre-order campaign so we can get this rockin' good record out there. You can join me in this-- you won't have to wait all the way until the fall to get your copy if you get involved, pre-order it, and get a chance at some exclusive updates and other groovy opportunities to share in getting this music out there and in the hands and ears of the world. We are proud to be partnered with PledgeMusic to bring this to you for pre-order. PledgeMusic is geared toward music and musicians, and their listeners and friends, so we can be in this together. 

By pre-ordering any of our exclusive items, you get access to in-studio pics and videos and other content, plus updates as we master, manufacture, and work to create a buzz for this fine rockin' album. And you'll get an advance download this summer way before it's released to the public in the fall. I'm very proud of this great band-- guitarists Chris Tench and Sergio Webb, bassist Bones Hillman, and drummer Steve Latanation, and myself. 

For those of you who may be new to my site, I was in the LA post-punk band Divine Horsemen with my ex Chris D. We were on the SST record label in the eighties in LA. I've sung backup and duet on a lot of recorded and live projects: John Doe and Exene Cervenka from X, Steve Wynn, Van Dyke Parks, k.d. lang, and many others over the years: (Lou Reed, Robben Ford, PiL, Todd Rundgren, Amelia White) And on a couple world tours with Leonard Cohen, which was life-changing and amazing. 

Please pledge to pre-order, because when we exceed our goal, some proceeds will go to a great charity here in Nashville called Thistle Farms (and Magdalene House) which helps poor and exploited or addicted women get back on their feet and become empowered, productive and happy. You can find out more about it at thistle farms.


There are plenty of other good things in the store, too. When you do, we'll keep you posted about the buzz and any press, radio, or blogosphere coverage that appears in the meantime. Share this link on your networks and ride this train so we can get it heard all over the place. 

Either link will have our video pitch and links to the store. 

Stone Cupid PledgeMusic Pre-Order Campaign from Julie Christensen on Vimeo.

Apologies to my dear friend Doug Lacy, whose cool happy accordion pic I used in the video to depict "HAPPY." Rest assured, he's a deep guy! And visit Julie Sola's website.

Unlike in the past when I've been unable to tour much because we were raising our son, I plan to do my best to bring myself, or better yet, our band to play near you. Our son, Magnus Jackson Diehl, will be graduating from SUNY Purchase College in New York in a couple days on May 15, so Mama's back to work! 


This will be a real good record, and I can't wait for you to hear it. 

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