We finalized the masters of the new record January 28th!

The mixes sound magnificent, and I'm so proud of this new record.

I'll have promo copies for my trip to Memphis for my Official Showcase at Folk Alliance International Conference, and other shows in the  the midwest. (Check the CALENDAR PAGE) Then we'll do an official release in early April!

I know it's been a long time coming. Thank you to all my supporters and donors to the project. These have been tough times for everyone, and I've done my best to keep this wonderful project alive. So have you. I won't let you down.

We still have to get the artwork finalized, and manufacture the physical product. There's still time to get into my list of supporters, because we still need funds for that phase now. Here's the link where you can donate directly:

***If you've reached this via my rss feed page, you can click THIS LINK to head over the news page on my site, and the link will work from there. Thanks!

I'll be using the talent, smarts, and general goodwill of my friends at theconnextion.com for the distribution of my new release on Household Ink, and for my back catalog, as well.  


It looks like we didn't make our projected release date of Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 for the physical release of our new album, "Weeds Like Us". BUT downloads will be available at iTunes and all over the web by then.

The physical release will have to wait until April, or until we can get the funds to make that happen. We've made an amazing album on an amazingly small budget. It just takes what it takes.


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