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Hi Everyone. I enjoy proliferating email about the things I'm pretty sure one is not seeing in the mainstream media much ( I don't have TV), and it makes me feel somehow "in touch" with my lists, because I don't have time to touch base with everybody one-to-one that often. BUT, I've started making another record as of June, when I traveled to England and New York singing on some live Leonard Cohen retrospective projects (no, he wasn't there, and yes, he has a new one coming out this fall--it's great--, and no, he won't be touring.) In times like these, if one has the wherewithal, I think it just may be a >sacred< duty to perform with the gifts given to one and to ART ONE'S BEHIND OFF. I'm going to spend the precious extra hour or so a day I spend working on those emails toward getting this new record out and done, and that may require travel to L.A. and using my computer more for music (what a concept). I plan on booking more live gigs, because I've been on somewhat of a hiatus for a couple years mothering, teaching, and holding down the home front. This is all-important stuff. So, until about October or so, I'm going to leave off from the political news I used to send out with the links I always follow to find the news I read, listen to, and watch on the 'net and send along to you; It's become an obsession--an extra duty now! I encourage you to READ this stuff, create little lists in your mail program so you can click and hit send easily and proliferate the subversive missives yourselves! They haven't come after me yet! Send me the good morsels too. I want to thank everyone who has done just that already to keep some of these stories flowing...keep sending them to ME, too--I wouldn't wanna miss a thing. And really, vote. And get everyone you come across to vote, as well. Carry a bunch of registration forms around in the trunk of your car. Know how to help fill them out, and where to sign and send them if you help someone do it. The bigger the landslide is, the less they can fudge the numbers this time. There is much work to do once this regime changes, but change it must, first. truthout.org There is breaking news TODAY connecting Abu Ghraib w/Rumsfeld, and the running story we don't hear here about the kids in detention there... kpfk pacifica radio online thesmirkingchimp noisy, boisterous, but a staple digest for me. democracy now Harry Shearer & Le Show Michael Moore progressive punx.org including scads of great linksthe memory hole--the site that had the casket photos and more.Air America RadioIndymedia.org Information Clearing Houseindiancountry.com some dynamite artwork to print and post and proliferate and plunder and omigod isn't the english language potent!? voting machine posters
wizardofwhimsy This Land is Your Landand a coupla specific wonderful reads for the Anybody But Bush camp: Why this is the most important election of our lifetime; a history lesson from Robert Byrd's book and others at Veterans for Peace conference : reasons to vote Kerry in battleground states Ron Reagan's "Case Against George W. Bush" I get word that people not on my lists who have gotten missives from me once or twice removed-that's great- and I'm sure something will come across my view that I just can't resist flowing, but I want to be your MOM for just a second, and give you some links so that you can do some activism on your own ( if you haven't done so already--I'm sure you have every intention before the election, right!?) The Crawford Wives (give to NARAL) The Freeway Blogger
MoveOn Women's Voices. Women Vote Mainstreet Moms Oppose Bush (The MMOB) This is the site for America Coming Together, a great grassroots organization started by Emily's List founder Ellen Malcolm. (When I typed in americacomingtogether.org, it took me to none other than George Bush's site.) Earlier this year, the republicans tasted sour grapes over the fact that ACT had raised so much $$$ for the democrats as a PAC, so I guess they bought the domain. Such knuckleheads. The Southern Poverty Law Center fighting racism the ACLU

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