Julie has a new Nashville Band

I'm excited to report that we've laid down 3 songs, and have more in the pipeline to record toward a full rock album that should be available come April or so. Will keep you posted. Meanwhile, read what Jack Silverman…

Weeds Like Us Reviewed in Elmore Magazine!

We are proud to report that Weeds Like Us has been reviewed by Ken Spooner in the new print edition of Elmore Magazine! I'm not putting a link here yet, because it's not in the online version. But here's a…


The Pink Floyd Redux was fun!

Thanks to all 5,000+ who came out to MacArthur Park on the 25th. It was, as Roger Waters would say, "a gas." Here's a video someone posted of Omega String Quartet and me performing "Money" with a cool light show…


Album is Underway!

Thanks to all the donors over the last couple years, and our successful kickstarter.com campaign, we've been in pre-production since March, and tracked three songs with a stellar band on August 24th in Highland Park at the Hobby Shop …


Be a part of making my new album happen!

This year, I plan to get back on the horse and finally record a more stripped-down acoustic album of music.

Our community lost a great friend in Kenny Edwards, who was set to produce my new album, and it's taken


Kenny Edwards, Angel.

I am so sad to report Kenny's passing into the next world. His music and loving nature is in the DNA of the Southern California of the last several decades. We will miss him terribly.

"Will You Still" by Kenny