Julie Christensen 1. What inspires you?Emotional Triggers will cause me to process things by writing something down. Walking in the beautiful nature I'm lucky to be surrounded by inspires me. And listening to some of my favorite things challenges me to get up off it and create on my own.2. What would be the three main rules if you ran your own country?Respect. Dignity. Compassion.3. If you could swap places with anyone for one day, whom would you choose and why?Today that might be my 60-year-old yoga teacher, Ingrid, who is a great beauty, an artist, and and activist. Of course, I'd have to be able to do all the asanas she can, and I'm not there yet! On another day, it might be someone else.4. Tell us one thing that your fans would be surprised to know about you.I took Chinese and Asian studies my first year of college and made the Dean's List.5. If you could name a planet, what would you name it and why?Aiode, one of the three original muses--she is the muse of song. And only Venus is a female name. How come they stopped naming them female after that? Earth should also be Gaia; it's so much prettier and stronger a name for this beautiful planet. Maybe we'd take care of her better if she had that name.6. What is your favorite book?Angle of Repose by Wallace StegnerIt's like traveling in a dream of Old California...I'd missed it when it was first around. Timeless.7. If money was no object, what hobby would you like to try?Horseback Riding--I did it when I was really young and only a few times since. Generally I haven't warmed to the culture around it, but I'd like to explore it, because it's a great feeling to bond with those beautiful animals.8. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?I've never been to Japan, and would like to see Japan outside the cities. But I've been to Venice five times, and would go back there again in a heartbeat.9. If you could be at any one event, which one would you choose and why?I'd love to be at the inauguration of Barack Obama's presidency.10. What is the theme song for the movie that is being made about your life?Oh, that's a hard one! The movie inside my mind is trippy and convoluted.As for a song everybody knows, it might be "Over the Rainbow" because I run on hope.And I wrote a song years ago with a couple other people called "Song that Might've Been" about staying in right now and not letting chances go by... Visit Julie's store for her latest releaseAtlantic Monthly posted a cool clip in honor of the election, and Julie was part of this 1993 video of a great Leonard Cohen song.” - e-interview with Julie

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