In lockdown in 2020, I decided someone should record an entire collection of the East Nashville writer Kevin Gordon's great songs.

The result, 11 From Kevin - Songs of Kevin Gordon, is released January 21, 2022 on WireBird Records.  

Here are the 11 (really 12) songs of Kevin's that we did. You can find lyrics for them on my LYRICS page

Find My Way (written with Gwil Owen) 
Fire At The End Of The World 
Joey and Clara 
Heart’s Not In It (written with Gwil Owen) / Down To The Well (written with Colin Linden) 
Jimmy Reed Is The King Of Rock n’Roll 
Gatling Gun 
Following A Sign 
Goodnight Brownie Ford 
Rest Your Head

You can buy now here at the STORE or at  There's a very limited vinyl edition, and it and the digital version available here and at bandcamp, too

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NO DEPRESSION gave us a nod for one of the best early 2022 new albums to check out!

Julie Christensen — 11 From Kevin: Songs of Kevin Gordon  (Jan. 21)

Nearly 30 years after his first album, Gordon should be better known, as should Christensen, who was a staple in the Los Angeles punk and jazz scenes before her extraordinary collaborations with Leonard Cohen, and then a solo career. But these things happen. Now comes a record that adroitly fuses Christensen’s exploratory vocals with Gordon’s vividly drawn emotional and physical landscapes. The result brings out the best in both of them, especially in the way Christensen unearths veins of gold that were hiding in plain sight.

While it’s difficult to highlight a single track, I keep returning to “Joey and Clara” and “Jimmy Reed Is the King of Rock n’ Roll.” The former lays out adolescent childhood like no other song I’ve heard, Clara enticing Joey to brave the brambles and barbed-wire fences to seek out the joys of a summer day that lay otherwise hidden in a forest. The latter is a lament about the largely forgotten bluesman. On both tracks, as well as the album as a whole, Sergio Webb’s dobro has a haunting, welcome presence. 

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