Julie Christensen & Stone Cupid, A Sad Clown. Not many artists can be a pivotal member of the Divine Horsemen and then swing right into a spotlight with Leonard Cohen. That's just the start of Julie Christensen's chameleon career, one that started 40 years ago and still feels like a discovery is happening. Christensen has also sung with Steve Wynn, Van Dyke Parks, John Doe and Exene Cervenka, but no matter if she's alone or with others, she pretty much paints the moon every time she gets near a microphone. Maybe that's because songs run through her veins, whether she writes them or chooses them. It's not hard to discern today who's up there on the tightrope risking their lives to stay in the music business, because for them there is no other way to live. This lady sounds now as new as tomorrow. Her heart is pounding, her ears are glowing, and her voice remains a miracle. And she'll take you there too. A burning star. ” - Bill Bentley

Bill Bentley, The Morton Report

The names have all been withheld as Julie Christensen and Stone Cupid tag their characters with titles on her recent release, A Sad Clown. A mother wears the skin of the title track, admitting ‘your mama’s just a sad, sad clown’, the realization creating a confident honesty as experiential advice is passed between generations. A rhythmic shuffle introduces a “Burning Star,” taking center stage in an after-hours parking lot and a dreamy audio mist plays a Springsteen song on a tourist town jukebox with “Exile on Myrtle Beach”. Stone Cupid spins the music for A Sad Clown, crafting a mountain Folk jam to launch “Slow Blue Fly”, rising like waves of heat in the lightly plucked notes of “The Sun”, quietly strumming support in “Like Nothing Hurts”, and picking up the pace for the lover’s quarrel raging in the trailer park for “Honey, Let’s Go to Town”. Currently based in East Nashville, Julie Christensen followed her vocal prowess, having the good sense to let her magical voice lead the way into the Austin, Texas-based band Passenger before re-locating to Los Angeles, founding The Divine Horsemen with Chris D (The Flesheaters) and touring/performing as a back-up singer for Leonard Cohen. Her seventh album release, Julie is again backed by Stone Cupid, she and the band staging the stories of A Sad Clown against a musical backdrop of raw acoustics. A ragged rhythm shudders in “Cold Tennessee Rain” as Julie Christensen and Stone Cupid trudge over a persistent drive of strums for “Anything Like Home” and hop on a honky-tonk ramble with “Vienna, Illinois” as A Sad Clown re-imagines Tom Waits’ on his tune “Hold On”.” - Danny McCloskey

Danny McCloskey, The Alternate Root