Julie Christensen and Chad Elliot Band at Byrons!

Byron's, 112 Main Street, Pomeroy, IA

DOUBLE BILL! Julie, Chris, and Sergio will play at 5pm sharp, and then Chad Elliott will take the stage with his band The Redemptions for his record release party! Iowans rock the house. Byron Stuart and his club should be in the National Registry of Historic Places. And the people who frequent it are the best audiences and best musicians around. So i'm proud to be among the stellar lineup. Thanks, Byron! Chris Tench and Sergio Webb will be on board. 


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Julie Christensen in Ojai

(PDT, UTC-07) (PDT, UTC-07)

Ojai Underground Exchange, 616 Pearl St Unit B, Ojai, CA 93023

Homecoming Queen! Julie lived in Ojai for almost 20 years, up until her 2013 move to Nashville. Excited to be back with a stellar band that includes Rick Shea, Dr. Patt, and rhythm section Greg Boaz and Steve Mugalian, who've played with me often, and are now in Mavis Staples' band. So glad to be playing with them again. C'mon out; you won't be sorry! tickets for both live and simultaneous live streamed shows are here (scroll down:)

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